I’m here. No, not over there; here.

Sorry I didn’t tell anyone I was on hiatus for the summer. Believe me, I had all intentions. We headed north this summer to Toronto for city vacay then outside of Montreal for some country time. I’d like to say I have some Toronto bookshops to recommend, however I really just patronized Joe Fresh (no more of them left in NYC), biked around Toronto Island and hung out in Kensington Market. All with the help of my perennial accommodations-fave, Airbnb, where I found a decent place in Queen West. Housing in Toronto is scarce and new affordable buildings seem to be coming up all over the place.

Anyhow, books. Later I’ll update with what I read over the summer, but now I’m reading “Outline” by Rachel Cusk (interspersed with “The Orphan Train by Christina Baker Cline–reason being Cusk’s writing demands closer attention and my need to read is constant.)

All I knew about Rachel Cusk going in to “Outline” was that she’s British, wrote what sounds like a brutal book about mothering (“A Life’s Work: On Becoming a Mother”) and got divorced during the past few years and wrote about that in “Aftermath: On Marriage and Separation”. I’ve read maybe half of “Outline”; not enough to figure out why it’s called “outline” (except to guess that the narrator is in Greece to teach an English Lit class?). Her style is sparse and the narrator’s observations about other people and of human interactions are certainly interesting enough for me to keep going.

School has started for my children so when things get settled in I plan on returning to “Outline”. Or maybe I’ll find a corner in the playground and make better use of the (excessive IMHO) amounts of time I spend there until it gets cold.


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Writer, technologist and project manager currently working as a fundraiser for a public school in Brooklyn, New York.
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