More by Jami Attenberg

The excellent Jami Attenberg, whose book “The Middlesteins” I wrote about here has a new book out, “All Grown Up“. It’s gotten good reviews from The Washington Post and The New York Times.

“The Middlesteins” is, as you may have guessed, about the lives of members of a Jewish family (who live in or around Chicago). The parents are divorced, mother is obese, father beginning to navigate the world of dating after 60, daughter energetically maintaining the rift she’s created between herself and her family. She writes about the down and upsides of being a member of one, and of “letting someone down while saving yourself at the same time.”

Very much looking forward to the newest book. NYT declares it even better than The Middlesteins. As if I care what they think (OK, really, I get loads of reading ideas from the NYT Book Review. Just wanted to play it like I didn’t care what Pamela Paul et. al. thought. Hah.)

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