Jonathan Evison

Jonathan Evison’s wonderful novels are all set in Washington State. I’ve previously read The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving (see his Amazon author page for the story behind the story; it’s terribly sad.)

I’m now reading This is Your Life, Harriet Chance, a character study. He treats his characters with such affection and, though a tragic event happens in “The Revised Fundamentals..” there is also so much humor in his writing.

“Harriet Chance” is built around a big reveal maybe halfway in, but there is nothing dull about the first half. He has such a good sense of family relationships, and his eye for detail is spot-on.

I usually don’t write about books before I’m done reading them but haven’t posted here in awhile. Busy with kids (middle school acceptance letters, karate and other activities ad infinitum), volunteer nonprofit work and a search for paid work. And that is all for now.

Note a day later: I finished “Harriet Chance” and, though I liked “Fundamentals of Caregiving” more, I’m very happy I found out about this author. Looking forward to reading All About Lulu next.

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Writer, technologist and project manager currently working as a fundraiser for a public school in Brooklyn, New York.
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