The take from a recentIMG_8949 book sale at the Park Slope branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. Maybe I’ve read the Jhumpa Lahiri or parts of it already. Been known to happen. After having a love-hate relationship with Augusten Burroughs’ books (“This is not something a normal person would do. But I am not normal.”) I’ve gone over to appreciating his mix of brutality and hilarity again. It’d be hard to miss the universality in his understanding of being human. The hyper-self-consciousness of Augusten-world; the magnetic pull towards certain people and then the sheer oddity of being close to another person.

Haruki Murakami: I loved, loved “Norwegian Wood”. This book looks like it might be a mystery about libraries? Not sure, but it’s intriguing-looking. I read at least the foreword (by Abraham Verghese) of Paul Kalanithi’s memoir and that alone was stunning.

Then there’s Ariel Levy’s memoir, “The Rules Do Not Apply.” That set me back six bucks brand new. Something like a total of $24 for these six books. I’ll be set for awhile.

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Writer, technologist and project manager currently working as a fundraiser for a public school in Brooklyn, New York.
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