Women’s March Reading List

41r8yICXM-L._SX339_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgThis might be short as it’s late.

“Men Explain Things to Me” by Rebecca Solnit is extremely of-the-moment given current political events: women’s rights to make choices about their bodies are being threatened, and we have a new leader who’s made sexually harassing comments about women. Given also that we have a leader who’s proposed cabinet picks include only one woman, I don’t see a lot of respect here for femaleness and female agency.

In the book she is trenchantly serious but somehow manages to add a touch of humor, oh, wait, that is just the ridiculousness of the things she’s been told by men during her long career as a writer, historian and activist.

I promise to get back on the stick during the week with more reading choices. Too much excitement today with the marches going on. Rebecca Solnit’s book is truly powerful.


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Writer, technologist and project manager currently working as a fundraiser for a public school in Brooklyn, New York.
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