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52c5a260883bb90127eec9cdbac2f9e726dc8ad2a6543d20685eec4ebf7f76bc-big.jpgThis might be a good place to find your next good read.

First, though, some background. Originally I started this site because I wasn’t processing my reading; just voraciously consuming (that always gives me an image of a lion devouring meat) and hungrily consuming more and more, from book to book.

I wanted a place where I could process what I read. Instead of zipping from book to book, sometimes procrastinating on returning ones I’ve loved to the library just yet, hoping beyond hope that this will magically get me to think further about what I’ve just read (never happens), I’d write about them afterwards.

Writing forces you to think about what you’ve “consumed.” The acts of writing and reading are very different processes, and I was hoping that I’d be able to create a loop of consuming and processing instead of consuming…and that’s it.

In the hopes that the writing will reveal more about the reading, and that you get something out of this project, I give you “Bookeater.”



About gcaroddo

Writer, technologist and project manager currently working as a fundraiser for a public school in Brooklyn, New York.
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